Professional Work

Harvard Medical School / Bioinformatics

2016 - Present
  • Lead front-end developer for the 4D Data Nucleome Portal, which runs a single-page application (see portfolio).
  • Created and iterated on variety of views and overall front-end design in React.js.
  • Worked with PostgreSQL as a master canonical database and ElasticSearch for searching and as a fast-read cache.
  • Utilized ElasticSearch to aggregate large quantities of portal metadata to then visualize with React.js and D3.
  • Created a divide-and-conquer tracing algorithm to recursively trace a provenance graph of files and the workflow runs which generated them.
  • Visualized file provenance graphs and workflow pipelines – defined using CWLs – on the front-end with React and selected D3 functions (see portfolio).
  • Trained and helped on-board new employees in front-end development and iteration with React.js.
  • Fully open-source and available at github.com/4dn-dcic/fourfront.

IntelAgent (Startup)

2016 Part-Time
  • Led development on a cross-platform application in React Native to connect real estate agents with purchasers.
  • Developed a web front-end in React.js as first step and prototype for mobile application design (see portfolio).
  • Iterated on mobile app design with feedback from shareholders.
  • Developed basic API using Python3 and MongoDB NoSQL DB.
  • Utilized WebSockets with pub-sub for real-time agent-buyer chatting, using a Python3 Tornado server.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.

2011 - 2016
  • Oversight, design (partial), development, and maintenance of viewpointkiosks.com (see portfolio).
  • Designed, planned, developed, and extended functionality & UX of various web applications and sites, including ones based on or integrating with CMSs such as Drupal and Bolt.
  • Iterated on own and others’ code for performance, maintainability, and reusability; documented code.
  • Contribution to design & development of company websites incl. aspects of ics.com and Qt DevDays 2014 & 2015 Roadshow @ qtdeveloperdays.com (see portfolio).
  • Served in all roles (differing per project) of designing, prototyping, implementing, iterating, and testing user experiences & interfaces for web, mobile, tablet, and desktop applications, including those geared for Windows (with .NET/XAML) and those meant to be portable across platforms (with Qt & QML framework).
  • In the course of work or on own time, effectively learned, applied, and/or presented front-end & back-end technologies to own and other teams including Canvas, WebGL (+ Three.JS and other frameworks), interactive SVGs, RESTful AJAX, RequestAnimationFrame, Redis, Bolt CMS, analytics tracking methods, etc.
  • Helped to plan and implement agile iterative design-process-based workflows for effectively meeting project goals and requirements while avoiding common pitfalls such as changing project requirements.
  • Helped to research and analyse different strategies, technologies, and software to advise managers, other developers, and designers in finding better options or solutions in context of available skills and resources.
  • Iterated through interface design, style, components, and graphic elements for embedded, mobile, and web applications.

Joule Unlimited

Summer 2010
  • Drafted, modeled, rendered, and composited scenes of proposed bio-fuel solar facilities for marketing visualization; learning and applying open-source software such as BRL-CAD, Blender, Inkscape, and GIMP.

Skills & Experience

JavaScript (JS)

Front-end design & development with HTML5 (HTML + CSS3 + JS)

  • 12+ years exp. designing, developing, and administering web sites & applications, incl. personal & academic projects.
  • Usage of responsive front-end frameworks such as Zurb’s Foundation and Bootstrap.
  • Using and extending template engines such as Twig (PHP) and Jinja2 (Python).
  • Deep understanding of the Document Object Model (DOM), CSS3 (incl. transforms & animations).

Object-oriented & functional back-end programming with Python, PHP, C# (+ .NET, XAML), & Java

  • 5+ years exp. with Python, including web frameworks such as Pyramid, Flask, & Bottle to create horizontally-scalable hybrid & single-page web applications and RESTful APIs (for usage with mobile applications); Tornado for WebSockets.
  • 5 years experience with PHP, including frameworks such as Symfony2, Silex, & DBALs such as Doctrine.
  • Building custom content-management systems (CMSs) & web applications; extending CMSs (Drupal, Bolt) through module development - both own/custom and contribution to open source projects.
  • 2+ years exp. with C# (incl. Windows Apps & academic); academic experience with Java (distributed — sockets & CORBA).

Designing & programming for scalability, performance, and long-term maintainability.

  • Leveraging PaaS & IaaS solutions (‘cloud computing’) for scaling application instances and storage including Red Hat’s OpenShift, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EB, RDS), MongoLab, RedisLabs, and BackBlaze B2.
  • Publish-subscribe using Redis for server-server communication; WebSockets for server-client notifications.

User Experience (UX/UI) Design

  • 3+ years experience including prototyping front-end & mobile interfaces.

Data modeling with NoSQL & relational databases

  • MySQL (+ MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL; SQL language), MongoDB, Redis, filesystem + text files (e.g. CSVs), and client storage (cookies, localStorage).
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, including writing aggregation requests for large datasets and transforming responses for front-end visualization and creating API endpoint(s) for searching.

Visual Design, CAD, and 3D Modelling

Version Control, basic DevOps proficiency


Boston Architectural College

Bachelor of Design Studies in Digital Design & Visualization, May 2015.

Harvard University Extension School and Boston University Metropolitan College (B.U.)

Spring 2013 - Spring 2014
  • Computer Science courses (incl. EconCS & Windows Application Development)

B.U. and Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies

Fall 2013 - Fall 2014
  • Courses in Organizational Behavior & Development and Financial Reporting Analysis

Boston Latin School & Brookline High School

  • 800/600/650 Math/Reading/Writing SAT Scores (2008)
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