Personal Portfolio

Before this website, there were other iterations. Here are screenshots from one of the first. Content was managed with one big JSON file and it was eventually scrapped in order to migrate to a version powered by Bolt CMS as a back-end, for ease of managing content. Currently, this site you are on uses Jekyll and GitHub pages.

For the prior version (first screenshots), which mostly has a listing of screenshots/demos, Python dictionary files were used to store contents of portfolio items, but management of portfolio items soon grew to be arduous to the point where a full content management system such as Bolt seemed most appropriate.

Since I started exploring web design and development at twelve years old, I have spent much time working on own personal websites in order to improve my craft. Many sites had utilitarian goals - for example in selling graphic design services, or to be the home site and communications portal (containing forums, etc.) for an online gaming clan (at the time I was leading a prominent clan in an MMORPG), or to be place for me to show my previous work - such as this website!