Experimental WebGL Game

Playing with Babylon.js (WebGL library), TypeScript, and (todo) socket.io (websocket server for node.js) with potential goal of creating a multiplayer game. Very much incomplete/in-progress.

JavaScript TypeScript 3D Game Node.js Websockets Incomplete

Stock Price Charting in Rhino

An experiment in 3D data visualization for an academic course using Rhino 3D modeling software and Grasshopper (a generative modeling plugin) to scrape and plot stock quotes in near- real...

3D Finance C# Rhino Grasshopper Data Visualization

Qt Developer Days Conferences

ICS hosted the North American component of the Qt Developer Days conference in 2013, 2013, and 2014, as well as the Qt World Summit in 2015. For each of these...

PHP JavaScript Drupal Graphic Design Photoshop 3D

Biofuel Facilities Visualization

I became interested in the work that Joule Unlimited - a Massachusetts-based company utilizing algae and water to convert CO2 into bio-fuel - was performing after a research project on...

3D Blender