Clinical Genomic Analysis Platform

A platform for clinicians to gather information on and submit patient cases for DNA sequencing, analysis, reporting, & more. Will be able to run analytic pipelines on sequenced DNA data...

JavaScript React.js D3 Python PostgreSQL ElasticSearch Pyramid AWS SCSS

4D Nucleome Data Portal

Data coordination portal for the 4D Nucleome (4DN) project built in Harvard Medical School’s Department of Biomedical Informatics (HMS DBMI). Leading front-end development. A single-page application (SPA) built on React.js...

JavaScript React.js D3 Python PostgreSQL ElasticSearch Pyramid AWS API Platform SCSS

`react-workflow-viz` Library

react-workflow-viz (suggestions for better name are welcome) is a distributable module library containing a React components and parsing functions that can be used to visualize workflows, pipelines, and similar graph...

JavaScript React.js D3 CWL SCSS NPM

IntelAgent - Real Estate Platform

An in-progress project for connecting those looking to buy beautiful homes to real estate agents. Horizontally scalable with OpenShift PaaS, using MongoDB and Redis as persistent and temporary data stores,...

JavaScript React.js Python MongoDB Redis Websockets OpenShift API React Native iOS CSS3

Issues - eParticipation Platform

My Issues (name not final) is a prototypical citizen-centric e-participation platform which aims to enhance the quantity and quality of communication between citizens and their representatives in legislature. This project...

JavaScript Backbone.js Python MongoDB Redis OpenShift RESTful API Platform Jinja2 CSS3 Incomplete

Personal Portfolio - Splash Page

A JavaScript Canvas (HTML5) introduction animation to the old version of my portfolio. Created as an excuse to play with JavaScript canvas. Uses an older Adobe Flash technique to plot...

JavaScript Canvas

ViewPoint Kiosks - Marketing Site

This is a marketing website which was initially created in one week and then expanded & iterated on in response to added requirements. Its purpose is to market ViewPoint Kiosks...

PHP JavaScript Bolt CMS Graphic Design Silex Doctrine Twig Foundation CSS3

Experimental WebGL Game

Playing with Babylon.js (WebGL library), TypeScript, and (todo) (websocket server for node.js) with potential goal of creating a multiplayer game. Very much incomplete/in-progress.

JavaScript TypeScript 3D Game Node.js Websockets Incomplete

ICS User Experience Page

Development of the ICS User Experience ‘parallax’ marketing page (in finalization as of February 2014). Performed complete implementation of the design & mockups, which was produced by ICS’s UX Design...

JavaScript CSS3 PHP

ICS Portfolio & Tag Views

Goal of this project was to present better ways of navigating site’s vast supply of content based on users’ interest. To start, it was decided to create ‘by-tag’ views in...

JavaScript CSS3 PHP Graphic Design Masonry

Project Team Allocation Simulator

This is an experimental simulation of a combinatorial auction created in about two weeks for a course where-in multiple employees may auto-bid via a scoring mechanism using data such as...

Python Algorithms JavaScript

HTML5 GeoAlarm Clock

This is a HTML5 (JS/CSS/HTML) app which ‘rings’ (plays audio) when the user is within a mile (configurable) of a destination which they define. Use case is to enable public...

Maps Mobile JavaScript

Personal Portfolio

Before this website, there were other iterations. Here are screenshots from one of the first. Content was managed with one big JSON file and it was eventually scrapped in order...

CSS3 Python PHP Bolt CMS JavaScript Canvas

AppVillage - Designs & Prototypes

AppVillage was an enterprise-oriented download and license manager created by ICS on which I served in various design and design development roles, including theme development and design & prototyping of...

Platform SaaS PHP JavaScript

ICS Newsletter Manager

This was a proof-of-concept script & interface coded in 15-20 hours in Python without any third-party dependencies (e.g. Django, Bottle, SQLAlchemy, etc.) to provide a way of managing newsletters for...

Python JavaScript Email

Qt Developer Days Conferences

ICS hosted the North American component of the Qt Developer Days conference in 2013, 2013, and 2014, as well as the Qt World Summit in 2015. For each of these...

PHP JavaScript Drupal Graphic Design Photoshop 3D

ICS Portfolio

An interactive HTML5 & JS portfolio which was originally created as a standalone web app within a CakePHP website and later integrated into Drupal 7. Features of the portfolio include...

JavaScript PHP Drupal Photoshop Graphic Design

ICS Website Updates

After the initial migration to Drupal 7, several iterations to the site design were made over time. One design goal was for a slimmer header which took up less screen...

JavaScript Drupal CSS3 Graphic Design PHP

ICS Website Layout

Migration, slight redesign, & update of ICS’s main website. Primary goal was to migrate from CakePHP CMS to Drupal 7, so design was not the biggest consideration until later in...

JavaScript PHP Drupal CSS3 Graphic Design