ViewPoint Kiosks - Marketing Site

This is a marketing website which was initially created in one week and then expanded & iterated on in response to added requirements. Its purpose is to market ViewPoint Kiosks - one of ICS’s products.

The site is built using the Bolt CMS with custom-coded (utilizing OOP PHP w/ Silex, Doctrine, and Symfony components) as well as existing community-provided third-party extensions/modules.

The extensions custom-coded for the ViewPoint kiosks website include one with the purpose of importing & synchronizing content from non-standard third-party APIs into native Bolt CMS content-types. Theme templating and (some) logic in Bolt is available through the Twig templating engine - a succinct subset of PHP that looks nice & manageable beside HTML. Implementation of website is further aided & accelerated by Foundation framework (provided in Bolt’s default base theme) to allow very rapid implementation & prototyping of custom designs.